‘Illusory Venice’

“In our opposed forms of loneliness, self- and mutual-recognition, we touched each other often as we spoke; and on shore in explorations of the past, we strolled with our arms linked… In Venice, things not always as they first appear…”

Venice is unique, a city for delighting us… to sink us into the deeper pleasures and fears, while getting lost in the haze that invades their mystique streets… streets of water or streets flooded … is a timeless, unreal city… except by the millions of tourists who daily ramble the narrow streets, fill the squares, bridges and canals. And then, how perfect it would be if we could disregard those distractions… we would preserve only with the wonder of its architecture, its canals, its history… Our limited eyes can only see the constant anarchy, but by holding several minutes of life in a single frame allows us to erase what is chaotic leaving only the soul of the city.