‘One journey through Gerês’

Exploring the “Peneda-Gerês National Park” is like returning to the womb of mother nature. A journey through Gerês allows rediscover ourselves at every turn, become lost in his tracks gives a refuge in our thoughts while drinking its purity, its quietness and its breathtaking scenery. A journey that passes through the rivers and streams of clear water flowing in breathtaking waterfalls; by rugged granite mountains shaped by centuries of erosion; and by the incredible palette of colors covering their trees and rocks, from the brightest green to the garish red, depending on the season.
Considered as one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, the “Peneda-Gerês National Park” is Minho’s “lung”. For your trip become complete, please forget the car, put on your hiking boots and go deep into the heart of the park. While climbing mountains, jump rivers and hear the sound of nature… you will rediscover yourself!