‘Portuguese wonders’

Wonders, usually captured at the magic hour… that moment when everything changes… suddenly the sky becomes a screen where an anonymous artist conceives his work… in a short time their strokes turn blue… yellow… red… orange… bordeaux… violet, and… deep blue… until, finally, the night falls and the darkness returns the artist to its isolation… his work will last forever in the memory of those who had the pleasure to witness them, who dared to take a moment to watch… and perhaps register. The portuguese seas, valleys and mountains, trapped in light frames of infinitesimal fractions of second or several minutes… these are fragments of past life, captured and recorded in million pixels… they will … Moments, often planned, visualized and dreamed, but also spontaneous…

Brief instants that separate the sunset from total darkness, however, these minutes are the most precious moments of a landscape photographer day… The light “warm”, spreads and fills with 1000 colors. Persistence is the mother of all images, even when is necessary to make the same trip a dozen times when we find the perfect light, a single image pays-off every efforts.