‘The Sound of Silence’

Who never was near the sea and, by closing his eyes, became abstracted from everything around him? Focusing only on the soft sound of the waves… In those seconds, where time stops and everything becomes ethereal, unreal, and where we briefly touch the infinite… that is the sound of silence… Here we touch the soul of things!
My photos are not intended to reveal the places I visit as any tourist can see them. The goal is to capture the “soul” of these places – removing everything that contaminates the landscapes. I have no intention of escaping from reality, but to present a parallel reality different from that split of a second that we usually call reality, and that our limited human yes can detect. The use of long exposures allows me to make the real unreal, the light shines thought the darkness, modeling the objects and adding a fourth variable to the three-dimensionality of an image – the time – as an expression of emotions, feelings…!